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Indialantic Probate Attorney │ 321.779.1211 │ +Personal Legal Care+

Indialantic Probate Attorney │ 321.779.1211 │ +Personal Legal Care+

Florida Probate Personal Representative

I was raised in Indialantic, Florida 32903 and have practiced law in this area for more than twenty five years. Over the years, I have guided many personal representatives through the probate process. Therefore, I have gained experience in probate matters. If you have been named a personal representative under a Florida will, please call me if you need legal advice. I guide people through the probate process. I provide legal help to people in Indialantic, Florida  32903 │Probate Attorney │Personal Representative.


Florida Probate Basics

I have been practicing in the Melbourne area for many years. Therefore, I have experience in the Brevard County Probate Courts. The probate process often starts with a petition for administration. In a Petition for Formal Administration, someone petitions to be the personal representative of the probate estate. So, Formal Administration provides a path for moving the estate through the court process. In addition, the Personal Representative must perform certain actions:  inventorynotice to creditors, notifying interested partiesaccounting for finances, distributing assets. Also, the Personal Representative has many duties under probate law.   Likewise, probate often involves creditors. The Personal Representative must conduct a diligent search for creditors. The Personal Representative may object to improper claims from creditors. The Personal Representative must also pay proper claims, distribute assets, and provide an accounting. Closing the probate estate also takes more paperwork. I am familiar with the process.

Indialantic, Florida  32903 │Probate Attorney │Personal Representative

Probate takes time and effort. You may want to view the video on personal representatives. The law seeks to protect the rights of everyone involved. I answer my own telephone at 321.237.2869 and welcome your call. I help people in Indialantic, Florida  32903 │Probate Attorney │Personal Representative.

I handle many probate cases without an office consultation. We can work together through email, fax, U.S. mail, texting, and many other means of communication and document exchange. My office is located beachside (6.6 miles, 13 minutes--driving directions from the Indialantic,FL post office 32903). If you need to visit my office, Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A., is  located at 1360 S. Patrick Dr., Suite 1A, Satellite Beach, FL 32937

Florida Probate Personal Representative

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† Indialantic Probate Attorney │ 321.779.1211 │ +Personal Legal Care+


Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. welcomes you to Florida Probate Law.


Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. Attorney │ +Personal Legal Care+

Simple Guide to Probate │Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. Attorney │ 321.237.2869


Let me explain the white seal. The seal stands for Attorney in Christ. In all my life, I strive to glorify Jesus Christ in all that I do. I fall short at times, but I press on. He loves me everyday. God does not discriminate based upon race, national origin, age or gender, because He loves everyone. Therefore, I do not discriminate against anyone. Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. Attorney provides this Simple Guide to Florida Probate so that you may find help in a time of legal need. Reasonable Fees. No office visit required. We can get started right away. I answer my own telephone.  Simple Guide to Probate │Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. Attorney │321.237.2869