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Let me explain the white seal. The seal stands for Attorney in Christ. In all my life, I strive to glorify Jesus Christ in all that I do. I fall short at times, but I press on. He loves me everyday. God does not discriminate based upon race, national origin, age or gender, because He loves everyone. Therefore, I do not discriminate against anyone. Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. Attorney provides this Simple Guide to Florida Probate so that you may find help in a time of legal need. Reasonable Fees. No office visit required. We can get started right away. I answer my own telephone. Simple Guide to Probate │Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. Attorney │321.237.2869

Indialantic Probate Lawyer 32903 │ 321.779.1211 │ +Personal Legal Care+

Indialantic Probate Lawyer │ 32903

Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. provides services in probate law for people needing help in Indialantic, Florida 32903.   I offer a free consultation to discuss your probate issues and I answer my own telephone at 321.237.2869. My office is located beachside in Satellite Beach. Indialantic Probate Lawyer │ 32903

Indialantic Probate Lawyer │ 32903

Florida Probate Basics

Formal Administration in probate starts with filing the will (if one can be found), appointing a personal representative, filing an inventory, notifying creditors and beneficiaries, publishing a notice to creditors, reviewing to claims against the estate, objecting to improper claims, paying claims, accounting for all estate assets and liabilities, distributing assets, and closing the estate. Summary Administration does not require as many steps in court, but specific limitations apply to the size of the estate. In summary administration, the probate court does not normally appoint a personal representative. I have probated cases in North Florida, Central Florida, and South Florida.

How Long Does Probate Take?

Formal Administration, with its many steps in court, normally takes longer than Summary Administration.  In all cases, it takes a while for the case to work its way through the court administration process. Sometimes, the cases can be backlogged in court administration, and so cases filed today may not receive complete action for a few weeks or more.  In Formal Administration, it takes months for the process of notifying creditors to run through direct notice and publication in a local newspaper, which must be done. So Formal Administration takes at least four months, and probably longer, while Summary Administration will normally take at least a month, and probably more. If you have special needs to move a case quickly, prompt action by the attorney may expedite things some, although the timelines stated by law cannot be changed. If you need help with a probate matter, please call Attorney Herbert Allen at 321.237.2869. I answer my own telephone and welcome your call.

Free Consultation

For legal help with probate matters in Indialantic, Florida, please feel free to call Herbert Allen. I answer my own telephone at 321.237.2869 and welcome your call. 

Indialantic Probate Lawyer │ 32903