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R.G., CPA Colorado 2018

“Thank you so much, for all your patience and efforts in resolving this issue for my mom and dad’s estates.”

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“We can’t thank you enough for going above and beyond to help us with our situation. God bless you.”

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“We don’t have words to express how pleasing it is for us to have you working with us.”

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Let me explain the white Attorney in Christ seal. By faith alone I received eternal life as a free gift from Jesus Christ. I strive to glorify Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A.Him in all that I do, including my law practice. In my life, I fall short of that goal at times, but I press on. God does not discriminate against people because of their race, faith, age, gender or any other factor. He loves everyone and offers the free gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ, God in the flesh. I enjoy praying with clients of like faith, and seeking God’s help in all that we do. Because God does not discriminate in His love, I do not discriminate in my legal practice. I answer my own telephone at 321.237.2869 and welcome your call. Satellite Beach Attorney │+Personal Legal Care+

Living Trusts │ Satellite Beach │Florida │ 32937

Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. located at 1360 S. Patrick Dr.,  Satellite Beach, FL 32937, provides attorney legal services in probate, guardianship, living trusts and estate planning and serves Satellite Beach, FL 32937 │ Indian Harbour Beach │ Cocoa Beach │ Melbourne Beach │ Melbourne │ Brevard County │ Space Coast.


Florida Probate Law

Florida Probate Law provides several different methods for handling a probate estate. Depending upon many factors, you may be able to avoid or minimize probate. If you have a valid will when you pass away, then that will may be admitted to probate and control how your assets will be distributed.  In some instances, however, your want your will to send all of your assets to your living trust after you pass away. 

Living Trusts

In some cases, a living trust may help you avoid probate.  Probate refers to a process controlled by the court to pay debts, distribute assets, and provide legal notices. In some cases, probate may be fairly fast (Summary Administration), while in other cases it may take many months (Formal Administration), and perhaps longer than a year in some cases. At times, we also have to deal with issues raised by a living trust, because some items were not placed into the living trust.

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Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. located in Satellite Beach, Florida 32937 provides attorney legal services in probate, guardianship, and living trust issues. I offer a free consultation to discuss your concerns. You may have many legal questions following the death of your loved one. In some cases, the estate may not need to go through the probate process, while in others we may have to decide which type of probate best suits the particular facts in your case. Probate does not need to be difficult.  I am pleased to help you sort out the legal issues and make sense of the whole process.  Please feel free to call me. I answer my own telephone at 321.237.2869. 

Living Trusts │ Satellite Beach │Florida │ 32937



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