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Probate Attorney Herbert Allen can help you understand Probate Administration in Rockledge, Florida 32955 under the Florida Probate Code. Not every probate estate will qualify for Summary Administration, but it can save time and money. After we review the facts of your particular case, we make reasonable decisions about how to proceed. Rockledge │32955 │ Probate Attorney │ Probate Administration  


Summary Administration Basics

Herbert Allen provides legal help for Rockledge, Florida 32955. I have probated estates in North Florida, Central Florida, and South Florida. Under Florida Probate Law, the probate estate may qualify for more than one type of probate administration. Choosing the right form of probate may make a big difference. Summary Administration in Rockledge, Florida 32955 normally requires that the deceased died more than two years ago, or that the estate has less than $75,000.00 in probate assets. When possible and beneficial, Summary Administration may provide faster results. It may take as little as three months. I charge a smaller fee for most Summary Administrations. Please remember that not all probate estates will qualify for Summary Administration. You may want to view the video Summary Administration

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My office is located not far from the Rockledge post office (14.9 miles; about 20 minutes). In may cases, people from Rockledge, Florida do not need an office visit. We can handle many probate matters by email, fax, or other electronic means.

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